Consumer Services Block Grant (CSBG)

Consumer Services Block Grant (CSBG)

CSBG IM #82 Tripartite Boards

CSBG Eligibility Policy – Geauga Community Action, Inc.
Revised 7/1/13

For all CSBG benefits:
-Must be a Geauga County resident with established residence in the county for at least 30 days with the intention of remaining in the county.
-Household income must be at or below 125% of the current FPL.  This includes all household members regardless of their relationship.
Included/excluded income will be based on criteria used for HEAP.
Income determination based on the most current 90 days or 12 months income, whichever is most beneficial for the client.
Primary applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
Each assistance category has an established limit to the amount of assistance – not to exceed the limit in a 12 month period.
Application must be in person with a face to face interview required. Assistance through COPE considered on a case by case basis and face to face interview may be waived.

GAS VOUCHERS – One voucher issued up to $35.00
Client must present an emergency need for the gas voucher.  Examples would be for doctor or medical appointment; employment (prior to first pay).
Gas purchase for the applicant’s vehicle and applicant must have a current driver’s license.

LATE RENT – up to $600.00
Must be at least 30 days or more past due.
Rent payment only, does not include additional fees including late fees.
Landlord must agree to not evict for at least 30 days.
Household must be able to demonstrate ability to pay future rent. Exceptions may be made for households with minor children.

Rent or security deposit only – does not include any other fees associated with the residence.  Lot rent is included, and in some instances would include services such as water, sewer, and trash pick-up. These additional services are allowable if they are included in the lot rent amount and not paid separately.
Household must demonstrate need to establish new residence – homeless, or move for more affordable housing, closer to employment. 
Household must be able to demonstrate ability to pay future rent.  Exceptions may be made for households with minor children.
Must be a resident of Geauga County for a minimum of 30 days with intent to remain in the county.  Must be establishing new residence in Geauga County. Exceptions may be made to establish residence outside of the county with demonstrated need to relocate for employment or best interest of families with minor children.  Not for households currently residing outside of Geauga county wishing to relocate to Geauga County.
In the event a household relocates after receiving assistance and security deposit is returned, re-payment is to Geauga County JFS.

BULK FUEL (Oil/Propane) – Minimum delivery up to $600.00
Must be at 25% or less of tank capacity.
Must use other assistance funds such as HEAP prior to using CSBG funds.
Must be owner of, and living in, the residence. If renting must be responsible for heating costs separately from rent.
During warm weather months, assistance may be deferred until conditions require heating, unless bulk fuel is also used for cooking or heating water.
Heating unit must be in safe operating condition.

ELECTRIC/GAS – up to $500.00
Payment must be at least 30 days late with a notice of disconnection.
Client must enroll in PIPP Plus.  Payment will not be authorized for those enrolled who have defaulted on payment.
Must be owner of residence or responsible for utility bill.  Bill must be in the name of the primary applicant or adult household member. If bill is in the landlords name and cannot be changed, verification required that client is responsible for the utility payment.

Applicant must have an urgent medical need.
No payment for services or prescriptions covered under private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. Client should apply for medical coverage under applicable plans to determine eligibility.
Medical appointments must be of an emergency nature, not for routine or ongoing appointments.
Medical office must acknowledge willingness to accept CSBG payment for services.
Prescriptions for not more than 30 days, minimum amount required to get client through the immediate need.
Over the counter medications are not covered.
Prescriptions must be for a need that would be life threatening or result in severe health issues if not taken. Prescriptions for pain management or mental health necessity are generally not eligible for assistance.
Assistance with emergency health needs vary from client to client.  Determination of eligibility will be handled on a case by case basis. Supervisor assistance may be required to determine eligibility.

Limited to 10 nights at the Punderson Manor depending on availability. Other local motels may be used if there is no vacancy at the Punderson Manor.
Shelter stays are for emergency temporary shelter and not intended for long term housing.
Other shelter opportunities should be explored by the client, including out of county temporary shelters, family or friends that can provide housing for the client.
Clients should have a plan in place to address their shelter needs. Due to the limited amount of time we can assist with emergency shelter, those applying for assistance should be prepared to have a plan on how they are going to obtain shelter/housing.
During months of mild weather, single adults may not receive assistance, depending on their circumstance.  Those with minor children, elderly, or with health considerations will take priority.
Assistance is dependent on motel room availability. 
Authorization does not automatically ensure 10 nights, the least amount needed to meet the need will be authorized, and the client may need to re-apply for additional time.
Those traveling through the county, who have not resided in the county for 30 days, or have the ability to find shelter outside of the county are generally not considered eligible for assistance.
Shelter needs vary from client to client; determination of eligibility will be handled on a case by case basis. Supervisor and/or social service assistance may be required to determine eligibility.